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Trail Status

The "OPA Trail Status" Facebook page continuously updates the status of our trails. It is important to follow trail closures and cautions to help keep our trails and community in pristine condition. 

You can always view the OPA Trail Status feed from this page, but if you would like to go to the "OPA Trail Status" facebook page to follow for continual updates and post reminder, just click on the top "OPA Trail Status" title.

OPA Adopt-A-Trail supports the Orange Park Acres trail system through the efforts and funding of community volunteers to keep trails safe and inviting.


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Adopt A Trail

Adopt A Trail
Trail Status
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Trail Maps

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Peter's Canyon
Casper's Park
Santiago Oaks Regional Park
Irvine Regional Park
Trail Maps

Report a Trail Problem

Report a trail maintenance issue by filling in and submitting the form below.

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