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Why Join the orange park association


1.Community Pride/Our History - You are part of a very special and unique community and lifestyle.  Established in 1928, OPA is the last in-tact equestrian community in Orange County. You will be part of an all-volunteer organization that has successfully served the best interests of OPA for over 60 years.

2.Your Voice Being Heard - Orange Park Acres is home to an eclectic and diverse group of people who are equestrians, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.  Your voice is important to ensure you are part of the preservation and future of our beloved community.

3.Traffic & Safety - Keeping our roads and community safe.  We have successfully reduced the speed limit on Orange Park Blvd to 35 mph, added stop signs in key areas and monitor/report traffic conditions and driver etiquette.  We are working on adding additional horse crossing signs for the safety of drivers and equestrians alike.

4.Emergency Evacuation - Development of a Community Emergency Evacuation Plan to ensure we work together to get all residents and all their animals evacuated safely in the event of an emergency.

5.Community Awareness - The new updated OPA website will be full of up-to-date information regarding community events, traffic, community news and monthly E-Tree Email Newsletter. OPA hosts Monthly Board Meetings and Quarterly town Hall/Trails Meeting (currently virtual) meeting to keep members posted of current and upcoming issues and events. All members are invited to attend.  

6.OPA Trails - Orange Park Acres has over 25 miles of internal equestrian and multi-use trails that connect to several county parklands that are the best in Southern California. The Association is responsible for the maintenance, repairs and safety of the trails. 

7.Fundraising/Sponsored Events - Supporting the OPA Fundraising & Sponsored Events. Last year, we were unable to plan/hold the fun events as in previous years.  Our hope is to resume holding many of the traditional fundraising events (4th of July parade, Fall BBQ etc.) and create new events for our community to come together.

8.Getting Involved - Giving your time and talents to help preserve the community for all to enjoy now and for generations to come.

9.Government Representation - Being represented at the City, County and State Government levels to protect our residents, our property rights, our community and the rural lifestyle we value and cherish.

10.Family Time - Having fun and getting to know your neighbors!

Top 10 Reasons to Join


If you have an questions regarding membership or our annual meeting, please fill out this contact form and a member of the board will reach out to you.

Thanks for submitting!

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