Board of Directors

The Orange Park Association Board consists of 9 Directors.  Directors are elected from the Membership and must have been an OPA Resident Member for a minimum of 1 year.  Every January at the Annual Meeting, 3 Directors are elected to 3 year terms.  A Director may only serve for 3 consecutive terms before being “termed out”, and must take a minimum of 1 year off the Board before serving again.  Spouses may not serve on the Board at the same time.  Officers are appointed by the Board and need not be Directors; however, only Directors may vote on any issues before the Board.

President: Sherry Panttaja 2019-2021
Vice President: Laura Thomas 2019-2021
Appointed Treasurer: Cindy Reina 
Secretary: Kathy Bonnaud  2021 - 2023
Director: Lance Mora 2019-2021 
Director: John Reina 2020-2022
Director: Kelley Chaplin 2021-2023
Director: David Hillman 2021-2023