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Traffic & Safety


The Traffic and Safety committee was formed after several tragic accidents occurred in Orange Park Acres, and a need for the protection of our residents on our streets was recognized. The Traffic and Safety Committee is responsible for multiple functions to protect our community.

Working with Local Law Enforcement

Committee members meet with the Orange Police department, Orange County Sheriff’s office, and the Highway Patrol to advise these agencies on issues focused on Traffic and Safety concerns in our community.

Working with Local Agencies

Committee members also meet with the City of Orange, County of Orange, and the State Agencies involved in Emergency Evacuation Plans, street signs, and working on ordinances to protect our equestrians, as well as pedestrians, and motorists.

Planning of Events

In coordination with other committees and officials to make sure our Parade, and other events are both safe and enjoyable to our citizens, and guests.


In 2018, Orange Park Boulevard speed was reduced to 35 miles per hour. As a result of the committee’s work. Supervisor Don Wagner, with the help of OPA, sponsored legislation that was passed on Aug. 25, 2014. Assembly Bill 1669 gives special status for Orange Park Acres, “where equestrian safety should be recognized when traffic studies are taking place.”

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